Posted by: bradhammond | July 28, 2009

Day of Experiments

The first experiment was this morning – to see whether I would swim faster or slower in aquasox. Fins are not allowed in triathlons, but I have seen a few people with booties or aquasox on their feet, so I think they are allowed. While I was buying a new pair of goggles last night I saw some aquasox for $10, so I got a pair.

First round trip to buoy this morning I wore aquasox and no wetsuit; time 6:24. Second loop I removed the aquasox; time 5:50. Third loop, wearing wetsuit but no aquasox; time 5:20. Fourth loop, wearing both wetsuit and aquasox; time 5:50. I do like the experiments that have a clear conclusion! I will be wearing a wetsuit and no aquasox for all of my races that allow wetsuits.

Second experiment – the “ice hat”. I attached a zip lock bag to the inside of a hat with duct tape and put some ice in it. Then I went out running in the 90 degree heat wearing the hat. After about 15 or 20 seconds, I’d get the “brain freeze” feeling and remove the hat for a while. Also, it seemed more like the hat was balancing on my head rather than being held in place, so that wasn’t working perfectly. After about 15 minutes most of the ice had melted and I didn’t have to take it off anymore. After 20 minutes there was no ice and the water was warm enough that I wasn’t getting any cooling effect. After 33 minutes I was finished, and very sweaty. I learned that it can help cool me, but I might want to use a different hat or make other changes like putting a bandana between my head and the ice.


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