Posted by: bradhammond | August 2, 2009

Road Trip – Driving through the heat…

Tyler and I got going early enough on Wednesday that we didn’t see 100 in Washington, but from a little bit south of Portland, OR it was always over 100.  Most of the time we had the AC blasting us plenty of cool air, but I had to turn it off for some of the tougher uphill stretches in southern Oregon.  We stayed in a motel with a little swimming pool, and we went in for about an hour after we got checked in.  Tyler didn’t have any life vest or goggles, so I tried to teach him how to do the side stroke.  He was actually pretty good for someone who had never tried it before.  It was still over 100 after we stopped swimming, but we felt very comfortable.  We got some takeout pizza, which we both liked – we each ate half.

Thursday, we enjoyed another swim before we started driving, so we started out nice and cool.  We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch, as that is Tyler’s favorite fast food restaurant.  We got to Emmy’s by mid-afternoon, and she had gotten take-and-bake pizza for dinner, so Tyler has been getting his favorite meals a lot on our trip!


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