Posted by: bradhammond | September 7, 2009

Guessing Games

Last night I stumped Laura with the question “Guess who kissed me today?”  She guessed Beauty (our dog), then the cats, then Tyler.   So, I gave her a hint that Tyler might know.  She remembered that I had been working in the nursery at church, so she guessed Ashlyn and Catherine, and finally gave up.  It was Andy!  As soon as Tyler opened the nursery gate and let him in, Andy ran over and kissed me and sat on my leg and demonstrated that he also knew how to “blow kisses”.  I asked if his mom showed him how to blow kisses, and he nodded.  Andy actually didn’t stay very long – I guess he is transitioning to the preschool class – and after about 5 minutes someone took him over to preschool.

Later, Sara (Andy’s mom) came in to change Rebekah’s diaper, and she told me a funny anecdote.  That morning she had been standing with just Andy and Rebekah, and she said “I love you, Andy!” and he replied “And I love Daddy!”  You have to love the honesty of these unscripted responses…

Tyler and I had a good time taking care of Ashlyn and Catherine.  Ashlyn has red curls and an infectious smile – I don’t think I ever see her in a bad mood.  Catherine is very cute, too, and she seems to enjoy being in there with me.  The girls love to sit on my lap and read stories, so we did lots of that.  We played with puzzles, toys, and stuffed animals.  I held them up so they could touch the wall decorations.  We had a snack time, and did some coloring.  I run a pretty loose ship – be nice to each other, don’t turn your snack into a really big mess, and have lots of fun!  Merrilee asked Catherine what her picture was of, and Catherine said it was a picture of God. 

Although I am very skeptical about religion, the existence of God, etc. I believe that belonging to a community has a lot of value.  I work in the nursery one Sunday a month, and in many months that is the only day I am there – it seems to be enough to maintain my sense of community with the church.  I like doing it because…

  1. I like playing with babies and toddlers.  Not that I would want to do it all the time, but once a month is fun.
  2. It gives me a chance to show off at something that I think I’m good at.
  3. I feel like I am helping other people, which helps me to feel good about myself.
  4. Tyler likes helping me, and it gives us a good opportunity to work together.


  1. I like Sara’s anecdote about Andy…kids are so refreshingly honest! It’s good to hear that you enjoy working in the nursery. I’m really looking forward to teaching K-2 later in October.

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