Posted by: bradhammond | September 22, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We had a pretty busy weekend! It started with the Bennett Elementary Walkathon. I believe this was the 12th year in a row with at least one of our kids in the Walkathon. It was great weather – warm and sunny, and Tyler ran/walked 100 laps around the soccer field! I’m not sure how many laps to the mile, but I think that’s farther than Kayla or Kelsey ever did.

Friday evening there was dinner cruise to Tillicum Village on Blake Island. (morale event for my department at work) Laura decided not to go, so I took Kayla. It was a long evening, but we had a good time.

On Saturday, Laura and Kelsey did a horse show, so they got up and left fairly early. Laura got 1st place in the introductory class, and was very happy about that! I don’t think Kelsey placed very highly, but she had a good time.

Tyler and I went to his soccer game, and then I took him wakeboarding after lunch. He is getting really good at wakeboarding for a nine year old beginner. He gets up fairly consistently, and he is able to steer in and out of the wake a bit!

Sunday it was my turn to get up early, as I was doing the Kirkland Triathlon. I had a good time and hope to finish writing up a race report soon. Laura and Kelsey were off at a Pony Club Mounted event most of the day. I took Tyler wakeboarding again, and watched some football with Kayla, but the Seahawks were pretty disappointing this week.


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