Posted by: bradhammond | January 13, 2010

Training Update – January 2010

I have started my base training for Ironman Boise 70.3 triathlon.  I had pretty good balance last week with 3 hours of swimming, 3.5 hours biking, and 3.5 hours running.  I am doing the Triathlon swim class at the Pro Club, so I have 2 hours a week of structured swim practice, and I’m getting to a spin class about once a week as well.
I keep pushing just a little harder than I probably should. Today was the third time this year. Jan 2 I felt I was ready to run 1:45, and did a route that I have done in 1:45 before, but I’m slower now and it took over 2 hours – probably a bit too far. Last Saturday I planned to run 1:45, and finished in 1:47, but it would have been better if I’d only run for 1:30. I started getting pain behind my left knee and had to stop and massage it a couple times in the last 15 minutes. Today I lifted weights, did a hard hour of intervals on a stationary bike, and then a 1 mile transition run. A couple minutes after I finished, my lower back started spazzing out on me, so I’m icing it down now. I seem to have lost my feel for how hard to push and when to pull back a little…

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